In-line leak detection system based on CO2 for up to 15 cycles per minute. Unique worldwide.


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Function of inline leak detection of packaging

LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX features non-destructive detection of even the smallest leaks using CO2 as a trace gas – a 100% testing method connected directly to the packaging process. Thus, not a single leaking package gets to the customer. LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX places the packages or shipping case in the test chamber. A settable vacuum is produced, resulting in pressure differences between the tested package and the testing chamber. CO2 escapes through even the smallest leaks, causing the CO2 concentration within the chamber to rise. The highly sensitive sensor reacts and detects any leaks. After each test cycle, the chamber is flushed with air and the tested package is forwarded along the system. With a speed of up to 15 cycles per minute and the testing of cartons or shipping cases, the LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX provides a complete in-line leak detection. If a leak has been detected, several dry contacts are available for communication with other equipment, which, for example, could trigger an alarm or a pusher to sort out a faulty package.

For inline leak detection for packaging in the smallest of spaces a shorter version is also available: the LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX Compact. Minimal space requirements and a high test speed make this “short” version of the Mapmax an extremely attractive choice. Only 1.167 m (46 ins.) long, the new Mapmax Compact is almost 70 cm (3 ins.) shorter than its big brother. This is a major advantage, as space can be at a real premium in many food production plants.

Benefits of inline leak detection of packaging

  • Non-destructive leak detection and sealed-seam testing for flexible and rigid single packages or shipping cases
  • No costly returns – 100 % protection against order or reputation loss
  • Functionality like LEAK-MASTER® – but fully automatic
  • Installation directly into the packaging line
  • Unique worldwide high frequency – up to 15 cycles per minute
  • Suitable for all packages containing CO2
  • Highly sensitive, very fast CO2 sensor
  • No need for costly helium
  • Different sizes for all customers requirements
  • Customised versions available
  • Reject system (optional)
  • Barcode Reader (optional)
  • Wi-Fi (optional)

Caution!This equipment is not suitable for the checking of packaging featuring O2 content greater than 20.9% (fresh meat, for example).



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Data sheet LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX Compact PDF

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Brochures: leak detection systems PDF

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