WITT-Flocculant 50

WITT-Flocculant 50
Flocculant for LEAK-MASTER® EASY
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Prolongs use of water, using its coagulation properties. Prevents cloudiness and eliminates odours.

witt_flocculant-50_enWITT-Flocculant 50 is for use in the LEAK-MASTER® EASY. The water bath can naturally become polluted during testing operations, caused by specimen leakage and skin contact. Flocculant 50 knocks out these residues and extends the cleaning intervals. Cloudiness, biofilms and odours are eliminated; the water life is extended.

These highly concentrated tabs dissolve directly after being added to the water, and do not impact on the testing procedure or have any pitting effect on the acrylic box of LEAK-MASTER® EASY. The active agent decays to common salt and is harmless to humans and the environment.

CLP Webhinweise_engOne tab contains 50mg of oxidiser. This is equivalent to 1mg/l oxidiser in 50 liters water.

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