Packaging bubble leak testing without trace gases – also for vacuum packages. Cost effective and easy.


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Function of bubble leak testing of packaging

The packaging leak tester LEAK-MASTER® EASY features detection of even the smallest leaks without the need for trace gases. The package is placed into the chamber filled with water. Then the head space above the water level is evacuated using a venturi vacuum (compressed air) system (optionally with electrical vacuum pump), and the package immersed in water inflates. If there is a leak, air or filling gas escapes as a visible stream of bubbles, so it’s easy to find out where the package is leaking.

Furthermore, optional feature is the electronic control unit PLUS, which accelerates and economises test sequences: via pre-set measuring programs, convenient data management and easy documentation of your measurement results.



Benefits of bubble leak testing of packaging

  • Short testing period (< 30 sec.)
  • For all flexible and rigid kinds of packs (food, pharmaceutical, industrial and other packages)
  • No trace gas required in package
  • No calibration of the leak tester required
  • Simple rigidity test available in dry chamber
  • Suitable for altitude simulation test
  • Easy-to-use intuitive system – no special skills required
  • Various chamber sizes available
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-clean perspex housing
  • No vacuum pump necessary
  • No electrical connections (when using compressed air version)
  • Operation using compressed air or as option with electrical vacuum pump
  • Optional: set for testing of vacuum packages
  • Optional: modell EASY+, with electronic control unit. For fast and standardised controlling processes and optimum documentation. Can also be retrofitted.
  • The LEAK-MASTER® EASY leak detector can be used for packaging leak detection according to several ASTM standards: ASTM D3078 Standard, ASTM D6653 Standard, ASTM D4169 Standard, ASTM D4991, ASTM D5094.


Data sheet LEAK-MASTER® EASY leak testing PDF

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Data sheet LEAK-MASTER® EASY+ leak testing PDF

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Brochures: leak testing systems PDF

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