Leak testing of food packages containing CO2. Non-destructive, fast and exact.


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The LEAK-MASTER® PRO uses CO2 as a trace gas – the same gas that modified atmosphere packages normally contain as part of the protective atmosphere. The package is placed into the chamber, and the chamber is evacuated. In the event of a leak, gas flows from the modified atmosphere package. Highly sensitive gas sensors detect even the smallest leaks within a few seconds, and the package will not be damaged. The LEAK-MASTER® PRO administrates the specific settings for up to 1,200 products, as well as name, password and barcode for up to 60 users. The selection of tested products and the user log-on is controlled via touch screen or by optional barcode reader. With a special WITT control software package, the measurement documentation can be integrated into the overall quality system. All results including date, time, product details and user name can additionally be sent to MS-Excel. Data transfer is available via Ethernet or WLAN (WiFi).


  • Finds the smallest of leaks
  • Highly sensitive, very fast CO2 sensor
  • No need for costly helium
  • Fast change of products
  • For flexible and solid packages
  • Intuitive use
  • No calibration required
  • No skilled personnel needed
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Various chamber sizes
  • For sample testing of single packages, cartons, E2 boxes
  • Barcode reader (optional)
  • Wi-Fi (optional)

Caution!This equipment is not suitable for the checking of packaging featuring O2 content greater than 20.9% (fresh meat, for example).



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Brochures: leak detection systems PDF

Germany   United-Kingdom   United-States-of-America   France   Spain   Italy   Russia   Poland


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